Claim Your Reserved .UK Domain Name

          Do you own an existing domain? Claim your reserved .uk domain now to avoid missing out! In June, the shorter, sharper ‘’ domain names became available for the first time alongside ‘’, ‘’ and so on. This ... Read More »

14th Oct 2014
SSL Certificate updates on Galahad, Winston & Dingo

The shared SSL certificate on Galahad, Winston & Dingo shared hosting servers have been renewed today.

If you get a warning in your email software, ftp or web browser that it has changed, that's why. Please accept the new certificate and carry on.

25th Jan 2013
Softaculous Updates

Softaculous is the auto installer that comes free with our shared hosting plans. It makes it easy to install over 260 popular PHP scripts like Wordpress, PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Javascript frameworks like JQuery, PERL scripts and now 100s of PHP classes for PHP programmers to use. Here's a list of changes in the new v4.07 available now in ... Read More »

17th Apr 2012

aegis is expanding with a new venture we call┬áthink. think is part of a new movement in flexible working in workhubs and collaborative spaces. It offers a professional work environment for small business startups, remote workers, creatives and digital nomads who want to get out of the back bedroom or stop hogging the wifi at the local internet ... Read More »

17th May 2011
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