Payment by cheque ending

Over the course of the last year we've increasingly found it difficult to process payment via cheque.Firstly, our bank tariff changed making cheques more costly even though electronic payments became cheaper. Secondly, our local branch of Lloyds-TSB became just the TSB. Unfortunately the Lloyds part of that split kept the business accounts and our ... Read More »

30th Oct 2014
Introducing Marketgoo

Today, we'd like to announce a new partnership which we think can help you improve your website and your business. MarketGoo is a new service to help you succeed with your website marketing. MarketGoo is available now in your website's cPanel under the "Website marketing tools" section. MarketGoo allows you to improve your website marketing ... Read More »

20th Oct 2014
Claim Your Reserved .UK Domain Name

          Do you own an existing domain? Claim your reserved .uk domain now to avoid missing out! In June, the shorter, sharper ‘’ domain names became available for the first time alongside ‘’, ‘’ and so on. This ... Read More »

14th Oct 2014