Softaculous is the auto installer that comes free with our shared hosting plans. It makes it easy to install over 260 popular PHP scripts like Wordpress, PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Javascript frameworks like JQuery, PERL scripts and now 100s of PHP classes for PHP programmers to use.

Here's a list of changes in the new v4.07 available now in your cPanel.

Installation of PHP Classes in Softaculous.

Now users can install classes by the click of a button. We have added 100s of PHP Classes and we will be adding many more. We have also added the feature to view the source code of any file in the class package. Users can also download the files/package of the class. The Admin can disable the Classes feature any time. This is a great tool for web developers.

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Board Image

Improved backups

The backup procedure of an installation has been improved. The backup process will now take place in the background and the user can navigate away from the page. The user will get an email about the success or failure of the backup process after completion.

Improved Javascript uninstalls

Users can remove multiple javascript installations at once.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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