As of January 4th 2011, UK VAT is now 20% up from 17.5%. All invoicing generated after this date will reflect the new VAT rate. If you usually pay via PayPal subscription, please be aware that the subscription will not automatically update to the new price. You need to cancel the subscription and create a new subscription. If you have any ... Read More »

4th Jan 2011
Softaculous 3.1 available

Softaculous is an 'auto installer' addon we include with our shared hosting packages for free. It allows you to easily demo, install, update and un-install around 150 scripts such as Wordpress, Magento, OSCommerce, Pligg, Pixie and more. We won't list them all here! Version 3.1 adds a couple of extra features to make life easier. Now you can ... Read More »

28th Oct 2010
Pricing Policy change

Please note that as of today, our prices on the site and in future orders will be shown as exclusive of VAT instead of inclusive.

Since we cater for mostly business users, this should be easier to compare with other business class hosting services and also help with accounting in 2011 when the UK VAT is to increase to 20%.

27th Oct 2010
Go Rebootless!

Keeping your Linux server secure is a never ending task. Every day there are new bugs found in the software that runs your website that require fixes to keep them secure. Mostly, these are in the peripheral applications like Apache, PHP or MySQL but at the heart of the Linux operating system is the 'Kernel' itself which handles the low-level ... Read More »

15th Oct 2010
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