Welcome to aegis hosting

A server of your own. For demanding websites, e-commerce and hosted applications.

We use the latest multi-core rack mounted hardware in state of the art data centres.

Dedicated Servers

Free Support

For many, a web server may be your first experience with managing your own Linux server. That's why we're here to support you along the way.

Support is free and unlimited as long as the request can be fulfilled in 15 minutes or less. For larger problems, we provide an ever expanding knowledgebase with solutions to common issues.

Please keep in mind that our servers are unmanaged, so maintenance and upkeep are the responsibility of the customer. That means that you're responsible for software updates and ensuring your server is secure.

If you're new to server management, we strongly recommend the use of cPanel's Web Host Manager and cPanel customer facing software.

Managed Support

If you'd rather we looked after your server then we offer managed support.

With managed support, we look after updates for the operating system, apply software patches to maintain security and monitor server performance.

There are a couple of restrictions on this service

  1. We like our standard software - CentOS, Apache, MySQL, PHP5.
  2. We like cPanel / Web Host Manager.

The restrictions are there to make our life easier as they fit in with our hosting business, but they're also there to make yours easier. We've been looking after public facing web servers since 2001 and we know what works and what doesn't.

Managed support is £21 per month(£17.50 ex VAT), per server, in addition to the cost of your server and cPanel licence. We currently include Ksplice Uptrack for free with our Managed Support plan.

Both free and managed support are supported by our support ticketing system, our knowledgebase and when circumstances dictate, telephone support.