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Our shared hosting plans are different. No matter which you choose to fit your budget, we offer exactly the same features. Power user features without the price.



With our hosting packages, you can optionally add the following addons.

Secure Server Licence

All of our hosting plans come with a FREE SSL certificate from "Let's Encrypt" which is great for non-ecomerce sites. We also offer a range of more advanced Secure Server Licences from RapidSSL, Geotrust and GlobalSign

 RapidSSLGeotrust Premium SSL
Intended UseBasic SSL certificate for use with light e-commerce and securing web applications.Premium SSL package, including a 99% trusted, highly credible single root install SSL certificate and a clickable site seal for your website. Suitable for larger e-commerce sites.
Site SealStatic Seal
RapidSSL Seal
Dynamic Seal
(Date/time stamp dynamically updated)
QuickSSL Seal
Encryption40 - 256bit40 - 256bit
Mobile Web Useno
Limited acceptance on some mobile browsers.
Warranty$10,000 warranty info$100,000
Price£40 GBP Annually£80 GBP Annually

If you've an SSL certificate from another provider, you can install that yourself through your cPanel control panel.

Dedicated IP4 addresses

Shared hosting packages share a common IP address. If you require your own IP address, we can provide IP4 addresses on a monthly or yearly basis. Please note that in order to use an SSL certificate on your hosting account, you MUST also have a dedicated IP address.

£1.70 GBP£17.02 GBP

Please note that IP4 addresses are subject to availability and RIPE justification. At present we do not offer IPv6.

Magento Installation


Magento is a comprehensive, feature-rich and powerful open source e-commerce system from Varien.

Our shared hosting packages are compatible with Magento's system requirements.

If you'd like more info about Magento, please visit the Magento website.

We can install it for you for free.