Improving Wordpress performance

Wordpress can be a significant drain on a server's resources if badly configured. Here's some tips to keep it snappy.

Install the latest version.

Keeping up to date with the latest stable version of Wordpress generally is a good idea. It will contain the latest fixes for performance and security. Many of the problems we see with our servers are due to 'comment spammers' trying to exploit holes in old installs of Wordpress. Keep up to date and your blog won't be filled with adverts from spammers.

If you've installed Wordpress through our Softaculous installer software you'll get automatically emailed when a new version is available. Wordpress will also alert you of new versions. Update as soon as possible after taking a backup of your site from the backup tool in your cPanel.

Install and configure a cache

By default, Wordpress pulls all it's data from the database, passes the templates and code through PHP before finally outputting HTML to the browser. It does this every time you access a page even if it's not changed. A cache takes those HTML results and stores them away for later taking the load off the server and database. There are a number of different cache plugins for Wordpress, the most popular probably being WP Super Cache. You can install it directly from the Wordpress admin and read more about it here.

Install and configure anti-spam measures.

Wordpress comes with the Akismet anti-spam system built in but it needs to be configured.

Switch off comments and trackbacks.

A bit drastic for some but consider if you really want comments and trackbacks on your site. 

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