Welcome to aegis hosting

At aegis, we're always aware of our impact on the environment and strive to find the greenest of solutions.


Aegis and the Environment

As you can imagine, web servers consume a large amount of electricity left on twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year serving web pages to computers all around the world.

As an industry, the hosting business might be seen as terribly wasteful but we think we can do things differently.

Our commitment to nothing

That's our goal. Nothing.

Since 2003 when we started we've been actively working to do nothing. We've found solutions to automate repetitive manual tasks so that we don't have to do anything and our customers get what they want as quick as a computer can deliver them.

We've sought out partners to work with that have the least bureaucracy so that there's nothing in the way of efficient working.

We've virtualised our phone support so that you can get hold of us anywhere.

We've sought out data centers that provided clean energy from renewable resources and that used efficient hardware. We're pleased that today, all our servers are certified 0% CO2 emissions.

Energy to power our servers comes from Germany's NaturEnergie from hydro electric plants on the Rhine.

All this means we think we have one of the most modern, efficient, low cost, environmentally friendly solutions on the planet.


Cutting down on our commuting was one idea but we looked about our town and noticed a lot of people who couldn't work from home but needn't work in a distant office. That's when we came up with think. We now offer office space in our little town so that others don't have to schelp in to Leeds or Manchester or whereever else they didn't really need to go in to in the first place. Professional space, locally.

Can we do less?

Certainly. If you've an idea that can make a difference then please get in touch. We're always on the lookout for partnerships that can improve on our environmental impact.